Optimize Your Time + Energy

Looking for more enjoyment and better results? Follow these tips for playing purposefully to feel the difference in your work, your performance, and your life!

Plan Your Goals. Devote a strategic time-block to goal-setting. Consider your short-term and long-term goals, along with strategies and tactics to achieve them.

Organize Your Day. Create a ritual around setting goals at the top of your day; use a calendar or planner to schedule your time accordingly.

Purposefully Prioritize Time. Recognize what’s important to you through knowing your values. Identify the moments where you experience high levels of fulfillment through conscious reflection.

Make A Bucket List. Own your desires through a list of to be and to do that honors your ambitions and dreams. Share it with a teammate for accountability.

Visualize Success. Set aside a certain # of minutes a day to visualize what success means to you. Tap into as many of your senses as possible.

Be Aware. Check in regularly to center yourself. Honor your headspace: What are you thinking? Do a body scan: What are you feeling?

Set Boundaries. Know your tendencies. When are you not honoring your time? Who and what interferes with you achieving your goals?  

Eliminate Distraction.  Mental, emotional, physical, environmental, social, and spiritual clutter can impede progress. Declutter and instantly reduce stress.

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Julia Armet