Play It Forward

{ATTENTION} Game-Changers, Thought Leaders, High-Potential Achievers

I have a very important question to ASK YOU: What BIG GOAL do you wish to fulfill in 2019?

I’m sure you’re wondering the energy behind that ASK. That’s exactly right. It’s to direct your energy toward a BIG GOAL, to guide you toward what you currently desire— and may not even know you do!

{SHOT CLOCK CHECK} Here’s how you’ll know you’ll benefit from reading more:

  • Are you experiencing everything you set your mind to and yet there’s more you WANT to accomplish?

  • Are you outperforming and exceeding GOALS month-to-month but motivated by a deeper fear of falling short?

  • Are you saying YES to every OPPORTUNITY while consistently overextending yourself?

  • Do you wish to start making the BIG IMPACT that you’re destined to?

  • Do you have what it takes to CREATE SUCCESS but unsure where to begin the process?

  • Are you ready to launch full-throttle in the direction of your DREAMS?

{ASK} I ask because my 2019 INTENTION is to ASK for what I DESIRE: to know, to feel, to fully experience fulfillment.

Sounds easy enough, but in actuality, it’s easier said than done.

I’ve put desire on hold. I let the adrenaline fuel me: chasing my dreams, building a meaningful career, expanding my impact… and in doing so, I lost my joy in the process. I thought I found the formula for feeling full; and in reality, I felt very alone.

Don’t worry... it gets brighter.

{FLASH FORWARD} One year changed my life.

I made a commitment to myself, held an unwavering belief in my talents, and focused my time + energy on my HIGHER GOAL: FULFILLMENT.

How? (There’s a lot more to this story… to be continued).

{NOW} I’m conscious of what it means to take inspired action.

I’m joyful in knowing that you too can potentially make the changes you desire— in business, in life, in any arena— without letting another year pass you by. The time is right if this resonates with your underlying feeling.

{BOTTOM-LINE} Being a top-performer is a tough act to follow. Not just for others. For yourself.

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Julia Armet