28 Days of Play

May’s 28 Days of Play is kicking off on May 2nd, and this month’s theme is


I built a business when I was 10 years old alongside my twin sister Sara. We created impact and it monetized week-after-week on the docks of Martha’s Vineyard... and that’s where I learned the keys to entrepreneurship: community and consistency.

Now I’m a solopreneur, which ups the pressure a bit. Sometimes it’s hard to know if I’m on the right track. Luckily, I surround myself with people who are just like me: seeking exponential success on the road less travelled. High risk, high reward.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship requires a combination of creative and practical energy, the vision and the strategy.

I’m here to guide you in 28 Days of Play to adopt the habits of successful entrepreneurs.

The process of Playing Purposefully: vision, focus, prioritize, progress, accountability.

Works every time!

Here’s how you know this program is right for you:

🌟 You’re ready to create impact and income, and you have a great idea... but you just don’t know how to get from vision to execution.

🌟 You’re thinking future forward and want to situate your business for long-term prosperity, and you know a game-plan is vital to your success.

🌟 You’re experiencing analysis paralysis, holding back taking steps because you don’t have a roadmap.

🌟 You’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur and seek more community and accountability to your goals.

🌟 You are bored and want to be inspired. You are ready to up-level your approach. You welcome feedback because that’s how you move full steam ahead with your business venture.

You can turn your visionary idea into a reality today, tomorrow, or never... and I’m curious: what’s holding you back from going full-steam in May?

Be honest with yourself. How you do anything is how you do everything. If you’re holding back now, you’ll keep holding back forever. Then the buzzer says game over.

The process of Playing Purposefully is applicable to any business venture because it’s business strategy.

You’ll step into your vision by taking actionable steps, week-after-week, while being accountable to a room full of purposeful players.

The MVP, most valuable part: once you learn the process of Playing Purposefully, you can repeat it month-after-month on your own. You’re wiring yourself to experience a sense of control as you accelerate your exponential success.

Sound like your playground?

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Julia Armet