I Am Success

I’m not chasing success.


And YOU are too. 

So STOP — take a second to breathe and…


“But I need to keep up with my success.”

I know the feeling and can tell you from personal experience:

I still had the feeling when I reached success... and then it got worse.

I felt lost. 

True story: I remember graduating from NYU with a 4.0 — honestly, if you want to know how I did that one, book a Discovery Call and I’m all yours. That’s not the point though. The point is I “succeeded” back then but wasn’t successful by my own standards.

It took me a decade of soul searching in the concrete jungle, probably the most triggering place in the world to soul search— to release the blocks getting in the way of my soul speak. And it worked: I stripped down my character, built it back up again, and in the process uncovered my Success Formula. 

At Higher Playbook, every player builds a Success Formula. It’s a literal recipe for Success, grounded in the 6 influencers of our lives.

At Higher Playbook, every player builds a Vision. It’s a crystallized image of what you picture when you experience success.

When you achieve your Vision of Success through your Success Formula, it serves you to know:

What PRESENCE feels like: _____
What FREEDOM feels like: ____
What GLORY feels like: ______
What CELEBRATION feels like: _____
What PEACE feels like: _______
What LOVE feels like: _____

CHALLENGE: Here’s my immediate challenge to you. Choose one of the above. Share what that feels like in your world TODAY. The floor is yours… Go!

Julia Armet