Level 2 Vibes

A friend of mine gave me the nickname,

“The Queen of Boundaries”

This was back in 2017. Back then, I didn’t really get it.

This week, I made a friend who had the same nickname. We laughed out loud because the nickname makes sense. The universe makes sense. I saw her as me. She saw me as her. And we connected in our familiarity, a.k.a. always #twinning in my world.

We wear that nickname well—because that protective layer is a part of who we are.

We are fierce fighters for freedom.

The beauty of boundaries: Boundaries keep out enemies, danger, and any unnecessary violation. They are purposefully drawn to maintain our identities— our understandings of who we are and the world around us.

In Energy Leadership, this is my layer of Level 2 energy.

A layer of “DON’T” that most people don’t mess with...

Envision my Level 2 like a badass leather jacket. I’m conscious that it’s not appropriate in certain climates, so I take it off quite effortlessly. Underneath, the warmth of my being radiates in a way that says “it’s safe to engage” — and that’s how my people know to approach me.

Level 2 serves its purpose. It is protection to guard me against the judgment of the world... because the world can be a dangerous place.

I respect people with conscious boundaries, who have a “guard up”— secure identities, sense of selves, strong rules of engagement, and non-negotiables. I align with you because I realize there is so much more to you than your exterior layer.

You know what I know: trust is built and broken in this game of life.

You can be violated walking down the street.

You can be sentenced to do time.

You can be traded at the drop of a dime.

You lose your agency... and it feels like death.

That’s why I embrace the L and any ballers, rebels, misfits, convicts, outliers, protectors, and people who possess that “me against the world” outlook that comes with losing.

... because I understand what it feels like to lose your agency, to be left alone in the darkness, to feel so misunderstood.

And then what happens?

Your real power emerges. The L is your moment where you have the opportunity to redefine your boundaries.

L = Lesson Learned: Boundaries will shift with time. And everyday it’s up to you to draw lines, so that you can live freely in your zone of creation.

Julia Armet