Level 7 Vibes

One of my favorite things to do is bring interesting people together.

I actually have daydreams about it.

And I’m left walking down the street on a Sunday, Level 7 smiling like I’m in another world…

(People are like, "huh?" right now.)

What’s Level 7?

It’s that feeling of euphoric bliss where nothing else matters because you are in your zone of creative genius.

You see, we'll go there sometime... it’s like the LA LA Land that Jack and Rose talk about on the boat deck of Titanic. I honestly think that’s why they fell in love: because they let their imaginations run free. They elevated their spirits while walking on that boat deck. 

I know what it takes to get me to my Level 7. And it’s pretty basic: permission to dream.

Some would say I am a visionary by nature.

I’m going with the contrary.

I am a visionary by nurture.

Imagination is a muscle. 

1. I exercise everyday
2. I write everyday.
3. I create space everyday.
4. I watch people everyday.
5. I make myself laugh everyday.
6. I smile to myself everyday.
7. I stop everyday.
8. I am everyday.

So if you know how it feels to dream and miss dreaming, I’m giving you permission to dream today.

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Julia Armet