Table Talk

What I’m about to say may rub certain folks the wrong way...

and I’m cool with that.

Because here’s my reality: people who take offense to my truth aren’t my people.

True story. I’ve been shielding the world from my accomplishments since I was misunderstood in high school for being #1 in the class.

“She thinks she’s better than everyone else.”

“She’s not really that smart.”

“She’s Jewish. That’s why.”

“She’s out for herself. Don’t bother.”

Hit me. I’ve heard it... and I know I’m modeling by example to share my accomplishments without the shame associated with sharing.

Last night is what looked me in the eye.

I’m dining with a group of 5 new connects, where the 1 person who knows my story adamantly asked me to share with the table. She said, “Julia, be proud. Tell them MORE!”

i.e. the classic what do you bring to the table.

So here goes...


I’m a creative visionary. You sit down next to me, and within an hour, your life makes sense. I ask the questions, and you draw the perfect picture of fulfillment— what you really want. To take it up a notch: I incorporate intuitive lowdowns that add in a layer of hope only you can truly appreciate.


I take dreams and create roadmaps. I’ve been in operations for 10+ years and know systems and steps of service like the back-of-my-hand. I am Kyrie in the game of life and know how to effortlessly call, delegate, and drive.


I take scattered thoughts and create coherent order, so that overwhelm shifts into action plans. You learn to release pressure and take progressive action in the direction of your dreams.


I live in a state of high vibe energy. You can look at your energetic leadership profile, and I’ve got a Masters in debriefing your energy. I teach energy too, where you can learn how to lead your energy to serve you.


I am purposeful, and more importantly I know purpose when I see it. I know interesting people and consciously surround myself with people who inspire me. I’m the biggest advocate of people I believe in, and create community based in true passion and purpose.

Ok, table turns. Now I get to serve.

Heart to heart: SHARE one thing YOU bring to the table.

Julia Armet