The Game of Connection

Who Really Inspires You?

I’ve been told that my zone of genius is playing connector. I love being a connector for others, and...

I Am Here To Connect Too!

“Who do you know?” That’s the honest question to play with.

Here’s how the Game of Connection works…

STEP 1: Know who inspires you.

I’m breaking it down, crystal clear, with a list that inspires me. Pick 5 categories to begin...

1. Athletes 
2. Performers
3. Advocates 
4. Solopreneurs
5. Business Visionaries

STEP 2: Generalize your top 3.

1. ______ goes hard for their dreams, guided by deep courage in their talents and a desire to share even when that means being the odd one out... singled out.

2. ______ made a name for themselves but is hiding who they really are: their entrepreneurial spirits are restricted by confines... and they crave more freedom but doubt they’ll be able to create the same impact + income.

3. _______ has a public platform and feels the pressure, risking rejection each time they put themselves out there... the risk keeps growing the more success grows... and yet, their grit is strong. The show must go on.

STEP 3: Find the common thread.

These 3 are all the same at their core: FREE AGENTS.

The free agent mentality doesn’t play by the rules or let social expectations get in the way of their dreams.

We trust that freedom is on the other side of fear, even when we can feel all alone.

STEP 4: Get personal. Speak your truth.

We have a different truth...

We know our potential. We push the confines of the status quo. We take action, even when we risk being alone...

We know our power. We feel the passion to keep going in the direction of our purpose when times get rough.

We know our impact. We are leaders by birth, and we understand our influence to rally people around collective causes.

We want more, so we put ourselves in situations to stretch ourselves to new levels even when it’s uncomfortable.

We want to LEVEL UP... so we invest in ourselves, because that’s the only key to true success.

STEP 5: Be an advocate.

My inspiration doesn’t have a name because there’s always someone new on their way to inspire me.

If you identify, I want to understand why. What rings a bell?

If you don’t identify, does someone you know ring a bell?

LET’S PLAY: Think of people who inspire you. In business. In life. In love. Then answer the three questions:

1. Who inspires you?
2. Who do you know?
3. Who do you want to meet?

Ready. Set. Connect! 🙌🏻

Julia Armet