Living In The Arena

I LIVE (metaphorically) in the arena... and it’s totally intense.

High intensity, High impact.

Not everyone wants to go there, and so my prerogative is showing you what you're capable of experiencing... to experience something higher than yourself.

The intention (metaphorically) for going into the arena is an event-full experience.

We are here to LIVE fully.

... but sometimes the event-full experience (LIFE) gets clouded by the highs and lows of the game (LIVING).

Let’s explore the metaphor...

We go to the arena to enjoy ourselves.
We go to the arena to connect to others.
We go to the arena to express ourselves.
We go to the arena to feel the highs and lows. 
We go to the arena to be free.

Reflect back on it:

Are you enjoying yourself?
Are you connecting to others?
Are you expressing yourself?
Are you feeling your emotions?
Are you free to be yourself?

Ask yourself these questions everyday. Because everyday is an opportunity to be your fullest expression of self.

Julia Armet