Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the most powerful principle of business, and yet... the resistance is unreal.

Because we’re afraid of how powerful we actually are, and we know that when we show up in our power, it has the potential to open doors that are unfamiliar...

And then what?

“I lose control... and by default, my power.”

Resistance to doing something that could result in...

You guessed it: CHANGE.

Change can be scary, especially when we don’t know if it will lead to a better or worse result. That’s the rational part of all of us that judges situations as good or bad, right or wrong, winning or losing, and wants to win.

I want to win.

I also want you to win.

I want all of us to win.

It’s the “We Always Win” motto that leads my life in almost every arena. I say almost because I’m a work in progress... and know that I want to have areas of opportunity too.

Here’s your challenge: Move the needle by saying something you wouldn’t normally say... something you know will jolt people to see your authentic being and create a shift in your settled world.

I’ll go first:

When I show up in my full power, it makes certain people uncomfortable...And that’s their problem. I choose to show up loud and clear, and the people who resonate: We Always Win. 🙌🏻

Your turn.

Be the ripple effect that people remember far beyond the jolt to their consciousness.

Julia Armet