Most people think basketball players are competitive with each other.

Interestingly: what I know is this...

The truest competitors are competing against the status quo.

I know this with certainty from personal experience.

I’ve lived and breathed competition in Philadelphia on 5.5.2018. Read the account firsthand.

Before Philadelphia, I experienced competition for decades, being a descendent of Boston sports fandom.

Competition is in my blood. I was born to be a competitor: striving in a shared world where there’s this thing called


(and twinning)

As twins, we strived for individual identities in a world so quick to compare. We both learned how to cope with the comparison. We both strived for excellence by default of comparison.

Clarification: People think twins are competitive. We can be, but more often than not, my sister is my ally.

Since day 1, it was us against the world... the gazes, the labels, and the constant commentary.

You may relate and know how it feels to be under a microscope, where you’re an open target to more criticism than praise, more hate than love, and... that’s not the way it has to be.

We’re here to rise higher than the status quo.

We are competitors against the world that so easily judges us for our outward display: of beauty, of talent, of success... and so we’ve mastered the game of overachieving.

We are competitors against a world that would rather label the differences than celebrate them... and so we’ve learned to celebrate ourselves.

We are competitors against a world that wants to make money off of fabricated story and pit us against each other... and so we make our voices loud and clear.

While competition could promote division, competition can just as easily promote unity. We come together in our shared playing field and put our talents to good use.

I, for one, like living in a competitive world. I enroll in the paradigm with passion to flip the script. The competition fuels me to go harder, to reach higher, to show the world what I am made of...

Get ready world... Playoffs are in full swing!

Julia Armet