Free Agency

I am a free agent.

You are a free agent.

We are all free agents.


And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain a bit more...


Life is a perpetual game, where there are highs and lows, wins and losses.

Seasons come and seasons go, and we learn to make the most of each season for the opportunities that come with...


Here's the pressure point: Sometimes the game is restricted by rules, whereas we as players are UNRESTRICTED... and it can feel like your potential is bursting at the seams, and you are too expansive for the confines that you are operating within.


Life perpetuates this game because every arena, every social circle, every new environment presents different rules.


The world has rules, laws, constructs that tell us "who we are supposed to be" and "how we have to behave" to fit in... and we are fooled to believe that conforming to this experience will bring us what matters most: a sense of freedom + belonging. 


Do you feel a sense of freedom in your world? How about a sense of connection?


The challenge is real and one that I solve for when I partner with free agents at Higher Playbook: to be your free-est expression of yourself within the confines of your professional arena.


We are all the same and wish to experience a sense of purpose and fulfillment in our daily lives, and it's up to each one of us to create that for ourselves. 


You have (at least) 5 options:

1. You can remain stuck within the confines.

2. You can avoid making change and the conflict that could ensue.

3. You can change the situation.

4. You can alter your perspective.

5. You can accept it.

Sometimes it's overwhelming to know where to begin, what option to go with, and that's why I created the Higher Playbook Collective: to remind us of what freedom + connection can look like in a professional setting through the reflections of successful self-made entrepreneurs, contractors, and business owners. 


By creating the Collective, we've brought together a group of like-minded global professionals who are passionate about stepping into their next level of success: a level where they can play more passionately, purposefully, and prosperously.  

So in honor of Independence Day in the USA, let freedom + connection ring!

Celebrate your independence by stepping into a new realm of business networking, a virtual space where you can shine for the passionate, purposeful, and prosperous free agent that you know you are.

RSVP HERE and come to as many meetings as you'd like. You're always welcome and encouraged to share with other like-minded peers who are as equally inspiring as you are!


See you Monday at 12 pm EST over Zoom!

Julia Armet