Higher Playbook Collective

I speak to dozens of entrepreneurs on a weekly basis, and most of us are striving for the same…

We desire more clients, more prosperity, and more community... because building a business is super exciting, and it has real highs and legit lows.

And so I was thinking... What do we need?

We need more advocate marketing = harnessing the voices, the experiences, and the networks of entrepreneurs to inspire and promote each other's business goals.

So I've decided to host a Higher Playbook Collective, a weekly event for fellow entrepreneurs to consistently come together and harness the power of advocate marketing.


We are creative visionaries.
We are game changers in business.
We are here to manifest what we want.

This is a growing network of entrepreneurs to:

  1. Connect with likeminded business people.

  2. Discover new opportunities in business.

  3. Vision possibilities for your business.

  4. Share and receive support.

  5. Prosper financially.

We all have what it takes to thrive... It's a matter of showing up consistently, holding down the space in your Google Calendar knowing you'll receive...


Join the free virtual mastermind by subscribing to the group, and I'll add you to Google Calendar event. I also invite you to SHARE with friends... and the 6 degree impact will keep growing week after week.

Let's open doors for ourselves and each other!

Julia Armet