What is Higher Playbook?

Purposeful Performance Coaching for high-potential talent— cultural influencers, superstars, game-changers— to step into their vision through powerful self-expression and progressive action. 

Higher Playbook combines spiritual practices with actionable plays to coach individuals and teams in high-profile roles and high-impact arenas. In the coach-client relationship, we look inward to seek continued clarity and growth to drive results in performance: unlocking energy, discovering inspiration, and experiencing fulfillment in the process.

Who uses Higher Playbook?

Higher Playbook is best-suited for socially conscious leaders who possess a doer mentality, a commitment to self-expression, and a desire to share for the betterment of the world. From professional athletes to cultural influencers, we are creative thinkers who aim higher than the confines of the arena to expand our spheres of influence and social impact.

If you are a thought leader, a visionary, and destined for more, you'll gain deep inner wisdom and new tools to direct your success play-by-play.

Are you destined to shine?

Align your purpose + performance and share your powerful presence with the world.

Your stories, your goals, your dreams…

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