Your Voice.

Your Difference.


You are here for a special reason.


Those who know you recognize your influence, but you know you have an even higher potential to unleash.


The passion within you is palpable and has driven you to achieve great success already… and yet there’s more to your fulfillment.


The deeper WHY that drives you forward is leading you here with the readiness to play harder to reach your higher goals.

Your Higher Coach says…

“You have more of yourself to share with the world. You are committed to making a change… And it’s about time to take action.”

Now is YOUR TIME to make a difference.

At Higher Playbook, we partner to step fully into your freedom: personally, professionally, and financially… so that you can experience more purpose, fulfillment, and all the perks of being in your energetic prime.

ELEVATE: your energy, mastering mindset and leadership potential to feel motivated and inspired to drive your vision forward.

IDENTIFY: your unique purpose, the guiding force to create your vision and bring it down to reality, one forward action at a time.

EXPAND: your sphere of influence, creating social impact and all the remarkable ripple effects of being in your zone of purpose.

Through the process of Core Energy Coaching™, we level up your energy, resonance, and impact. We dig deep to understand your purpose, unlocking consistent energy to live up to your potential. Benefits include:


  • Self-confidence: master your leadership potential by consciously releasing blocks, anxiety, and stress around performance.

  • Self-expression: harness the power of your voice to communicate your life’s purpose and authentic presence.


  • Concentration: identify enhancers and distractors, increasing your engagement in the arenas of your life.

  • Motivation: tap into the core source of your energy, creating a values-driven strategy to approach your goals.

  • Sustainability: drive consistent performance results grounded in your mental wellness and emotional mastery.


  • Power: create influence through your presence and your communications with leadership that resonates deeply with people.

  • Operations: build operational structure and order to drive your entrepreneurship, taking progressive action on your goals.

  • Social impact: create opportunities that make a difference in the world through your talent, ambition, and voice.

Start building your vision with this Higher Playbook practice.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Play Out Your Vision

Rise to your full potential by knowing who you are, what you value, and how to shine bright for yourself and the world around you. 


Higher Playbook: Private Coaching

Up-level your success through Core Energy Coaching™. When you know your success formula, you discover emotional freedom; accelerate forward motion; and experience exponential success. You are here to live a fulfilling life, which means looking at the core source of your fulfillment. Book a Discovery Call to discuss your desires and goals for your coaching experience.

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Higher Playbook: The Collective

Join our global network of professionals and experience the power of community. Our Collective mission is to create social impact through fostering relationships. Attend weekly virtual meetings to promote your business, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share referrals, receive support, and prosper financially. Sign up for free and invite your friends!


Energy Leadership Index: Assessment + Debrief

How much of your energetic potential do you have access to right now? The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) provides insights into how you show up in various aspects of your life: where your energy is working for you and against you. Manifesting a fulfilling life of purpose begins with awareness. Receive your ELI assessment and create forward motion in all arenas of your life.



“I am amazed to see how fast my perspective changed by just acknowledging my thoughts and how they were impacting my success. Julia coached me on word choice and how that was impacting my internal thoughts. I‘ve learned to love and accept myself better, to question fear and move past it. I’ve learned to explore past experiences and recognize their worth instead of viewing them in a negative light. I have discovered my higher power and allowed it to guide me in making great choices for my future.

I would absolutely recommend Higher Playbook to others and can't believe how much my life has changed in a short period of time. I am starting a coaching certification program; I am writing a book. I am utilizing my new skills in my current job. I am practicing the skills I learned to help my children grow. Best of all, I have made peace with my past, let go of the shame attached to my story, and I'm ready to let it empower me.”

— Holly, 47, Florida

"I started off having one-on-one coaching sessions with Julia. The coaching sessions truly helped me understand energy leadership, how to move forward with insecurities and overall just help me move from a blocked mentality. Then I decided to take part in 28 Days of Play, and let me tell you: it did not disappoint! Being surrounded by inspiring and like-minded people motivated me to truly focus. Julia will give you insight and tools on how to move through your personal blocks and find your natural flow to achieve those goals you've been dying to get to. Julia gives you direction and clarity; she's a true inspiration who I'm grateful for."

— Stephanie, 27, Canada

“I was going through a major job transition and internal transformation surrounding what I desire for my life long-term. Julia has been a long-time friend and ally, so when I found out about the 28 Days Of Play program and what Julia would be covering, I knew I had to join. It was a full-bodied YES for me and it came at a really pivotal point in my life. I knew I needed the tools to stay grounded and focused during major changes happening and that the Higher Playbook would provide that for me.

And… it was incredible! The value that comes through in the sessions is so potent. I loved being a part of a team, learning from what others were experiencing, and being able to share my own internal transformation in real-time. I gained concrete ways to work towards the things I want in my life and clarity on what my highest values are in life. I also learned how I show up on an energetic level and how to shift my energy into a more productive state that is aligned with my desires and goals. It's such a great course for anyone, no matter where you are in life, but especially those who are looking to play big and make big moves in their life!

— Misty, 34, Arizona

“I had lots of uncertainty and a little anxiety. I was juggling multiple interview processes. I wanted a greater sense of focus and to strengthen my knowledge of energy leadership. Moving into the experience, it felt very inviting and professional. I appreciated having a space to express and put things into perspective. I gained more introspection on myself and meaningful leadership tactics. I was also able to separate some feelings I had been having trouble identifying. It meant a lot to have a safe space.

— Robin, 29, Washington DC

“I was in a major transition mode - my life was full of chaos and stress! I had a desire for more order and intention in my life. When we started, the sessions were Incredible;  they were healing, focusing, empowering, inspiring. I gained direction, increased my self awareness, and strengthened my belief in myself. The peace, love, inspiration, support and guidance Julia provided was a gift from the universe. I am so grateful!”

— Michelle, 31, Mexico City

“28 Days of Play made a big difference in my life. I loved going through thought-provoking and heart-focused activities, sharing our responses with each other, and getting some coaching and encouragement. It was powerful to invest in ME in these ways! I also loved connecting with the other members of the group. The interactive element was my favorite, processing the questions together. It gave me the opportunity to experience the freedom and connection that results from being vulnerable, which greatly contributed to my courage to be seen in even larger arenas for the first time in my life. That is worth celebrating!”

 — Katie, 45, Maryland

Who succeeds with Higher Playbook?

Higher Playbook is best-suited for high-achievers: socially conscious leaders who possess a doer mentality, a commitment to self-expression, and a desire to share for the betterment of the world. From professional athletes to cultural influencers, we are creative thinkers who aim higher than the status quo to expand our spheres of influence and social impact. 

If you are a thought leader, a visionary, and destined for more, you'll gain deep inner wisdom and new tools to direct your success play-by-play.