From The Inside Out

Where to Begin?

If you ask most entrepreneurs, they’ll tell you change starts with the problem.

If you ask a social entrepreneur, we’ll tell you change starts with the cause.

I’m going to do just that: reflecting on my causes, the roots of where I started my 30 year journey. I encourage you to do the same: an inventory on the causes that you are passionate about starts with delving deep...

Breaking Down 30

When I look back on 30 years, I’ve chosen to divide my life into 5 phases with intervals of 6 years and key-words, stories, and answers associated with each phase:

0-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24, 24-30

Each phase has key-words grounded deep within my memories. Each key-word has a story, and answers that emerge in each story. The details of my stories I hold privately, deep within my mind, body, and spirit…

To share my key-words requires a level of detached involvement. When I coach you, we do the same: stepping outside of our judgments and taking a look at our pasts to drive forward. We don’t dwell in the key-words, instead we mine for knowledge about ourselves + universal humanity.

So hear me out: there’s a Higher Playbook that starts at the core of ourselves.

The Eye of the Ego

0-6: The World Outside 

KEY-WORDS: Grief, Anger, Judgment, Justice, Danger, Education, Comparison, Truth, Love, Safety, Security, Synergy

STORY: The world outside is an uncertain place, where the beauty of being free can lead to consequences. Self-preservation is understood innately: we were put here to live life.

ANSWER: Our greatest passions and deepest triggers reside in our early memories; our subconscious associations to our feelings create deeply rooted meanings and beliefs.

6-12: Social Discovery 

KEY-WORDS: Self-Expression, Creativity, Entertainment, Sexism, Harassment, Discrimination, Infidelity, Social Politics, Friendship, Prosperity

STORY: We are social beings with a multitude of interests, preferences, and differences. We are separate from one another in our agendas. We can operate at odds, in unison, and in unity.

ANSWER: Our choices in behavior give way to outcomes: wins and losses. Our experiences teach us to have willpower and to look for lessons. The ego gains strength, tallying up its wins and losses. The lego learns to follow the course of action where its needs are being met.

12-18: Strive for Excellence

KEY-WORDS: Mental Health, Discipline, Contribution, Bullying, Discipline, Privilege, Education, Economics, Independence, Accomplishments, Self-Worth

STORY: The ego strives to be the best within a culture that places success on a pedestal. If being the best means, “I am valuable”, then the ego will internalize the pressure and make sacrifices for accomplishment.

ANSWER: Our individual values and our collective values can create tension within ourselves. Who am I? Who do I value? The answers to “I am _____” + “I value _____” yield the How: directions on where to invest our time + energy.

18-24: The Personal is Political

KEY-WORDS: Creative Learning, Recovery, Production, Identity, Media, Culture, Phallus, Consumption, Greed, Hashtag, Evolution, Entrepreneurship, Flow

STORY: When the ego lets go of confines, there is room for more: creativity, opportunity, discovery. We step outside our limits. We see mirrors in others. Alternative realities spark new ideas.

ANSWER: At the intersection of power + resistance, I + YOU enter into a discourse: a playing field where we evolve in our shared expression of ideas.

24-30: Love + Light

KEY-WORDS: Love, Intuition, Growth, Connection, Technology, Social Progress, Energy, Leadership, Purpose, Vulnerability, Community, Sustainability, Hope

STORY: Seeking Truth, the ego leans into instinct and follows purpose. The ego is never alone. We all share the same human needs. We have each other to find answers together on how we can meet our needs.

ANSWER: At the threshold of change, we can choose love or fear. The risk is the same with each choice. Love presents new opportunity. Fear presents no change.

Driving forward…

Our key-words. Our stories. Our answers. To each is own.

When we start with the unresolved pain, we can unlock potential that becomes the fuel to propel us forward. I know I do... and that’s why I continue growing day after day, year after year. My pain is passion, power, and purpose. 

Higher Playbook is grounded in personal experiences that gave way to my empathy, values and causes that I have a personal investment in: Self-Expression, Authenticity, Kindness, Justice, Knowledge, Community, Love, Glory, Prosperity, the list is perpetually expanding.

I work with people across industries who share a desire to make a difference in the world. We work together from the inside out to uncover their power, passions, and purpose. There and now, we are are the change.

What causes drive you?

Julia Armet