Driving Forward

To commemorate my 30th birthday, I embarked on a 26 Day Drive, producing 26 Facebook Live videos discussing coaching principles through an extended metaphor.

How To Arrive At 30?

Turning 30 is surely a destination, the completion of one drive and the commencement of another. My next decade will require a dedication to continued social progress, driving forward and creating more impact.

Higher Playbook’s mission to be good, feel good, and do good in the world is more of a perpetual drive than any set destination. My future has unlimited possibilities, and change is on the horizon.

Hopeful and celebratory, I decided that capturing the person who I am at this crossroads would be a beautiful expression of self. I wanted to be seen, be felt, and be heard in my most authentic representation. I also intuitively sensed that stepping outside my comfort zone would give way to newfound potential as I celebrate my 30th year.

For the purpose of my personal development, I defined a set goal— to harness my motivation to show up authentically: to show up on Facebook Live for my lucky number, 26, videos; to raise awareness around social impact coaching; to create social impact in the process.


Measures of Success

I realized I can be quite spectacular in my outward plays. My friends asked me what I was looking to achieve through this Drive, offering tangibles suggestions and KPIS for my success. And I agree: LIKES are cool, COMMENTS are great, SHARES can impact beyond existing circles, TAGS connect people, VIEWS track reach.

When I asked myself what I was measuring, my metric was more-so the value of self-expression: How would I exercise my voice consistently, share my honest emotions as I move through the highs and lows of 26 Days of social entrepreneurship?

The drive would require me to know myself.

To know that I have a tendency to be more accountable when I have an audience supporting me, validating me, and championing me from near and far.

To know that my Higher power is always within me, and sometimes in moments of energy drain, I can dig deeper within myself for answers that I have yet to access.

To know that I would rely on my full presence of self: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically.

Then of course, I knew it would require me to know a few tech tools: computer, phone, Wifi… and Facebook Live.

Visioning Social Impact

Facebook Live is an arena that has peaked my interest since its inception; it is an accessible tool/ solid strategy for reaching beyond your top 30 Facebook friends, i.e. “being seen” by your entire Facebook network and beyond (should you set your stream to Public).

Only this year, 2018, did I have the confidence to press Live and be on air. I did so for a 7-day challenge in February, and the thrill of being Live and sharing with an audience gave way to great discovery… so why not stretch myself: the longer the drive, the more opportunities for impact.

I visioned the drive before I set off, spacing out 26 videos over a 5-week period on my Google calendar with time-blocks to “go Live.” I also wrote down a list of potential topics that I believed would be the “map” of the journey. All topics were written down in the form of empowering questions, leaving myself space to expand upon in Live stream-of-consciousness.

On The Road

I can be a planner. It serves me to be in academic and professional environments… But in all honesty, I’m better when I’m in free-flow.

Once I hit the road, I would encounter choices day by day: Should I outline talking points? Should I simply show up? What should I wear? Where should I do it? What time of day will be best?

Trust me… the self-doubt soon subsided.

If I approached the journey like a data scientist or social media influencer, I’m sure it would have been a bit more calculated. If I aspired to “be the best” or “master the art”… or whatever I set my mind to doing, I may have executed differently. Instead, I was unwavering in my purpose: to promote self-expression and authenticity.

Facebook Live is its own playing field: raw, unpredictable, exciting, and increasingly improvised the more I practiced showing up on air. After each video, I would ask myself: Where could I have been a bit more honest? Was I speaking from my head, my heart, or my intuition? What would I say differently if I did it again?

Then, I played it back…

Watching myself on video became both energizing and illuminating: like an athlete who studies the tape. I learned about my ticks, my tendencies, my timing. It was fascinating— and affirming— to test my power, passion, and purpose.

What is your destination?

When all is said and done, I created over 3 hours of open, honest self-expression. The process elevated my awareness, raised funds toward social entrepreneurship, opened a dialogue between myself and my audience, developed my voice, and left me with a deep hope.

I believe that anyone can readily access their power, passion, and purpose when we decide on how we wish to show up. Consider this one-sign in the road. A call-to-action, if you will, to define your destination. From there: Ask yourself, “What do I need to succeed?”

We have resources within ourselves, special gifts and talents to be celebrated, time to invest, fuel to drive, and opportunities to explore. We can be good, feel good, and do good in the same inspired action.

Social impact happens when we let go of confines and show up for ourselves and the world around us.

Julia Armet