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Meet Julia

I am no stranger. I am you: here to reach new highs in success and to live a purposeful life.

We look for answers to the same questions.

Accomplishments aside, who am I really?

Day in and day out, what am I doing?

Flash forward ahead, where am I headed?

How can I make use of my full potential? 

My reality check happened when I realized I was the only one who knew these answers. The outside world could validate me all day. If I wasn’t satisfied with my success, then what?

Conventional success is not my path. I am on an exponential path to achieve higher than the status quo. If you are reading this, you are on the path to exponential success too.

The “HOW” to get there can be the daunting part, and I stepped into that with intuitive power. I knew when the opportunity appeared to say YES.

Life is the game that all of us play. Yet sometimes we lose sight of our Higher coach— and we seek more direction. I discovered mine only when my eyes were open to the opportunities in front of me.

I made a commitment to myself to receive my Masters in Energy Leadership: to share more of my talents and harness my voice to make a true impact in people’s lives.

Through experiencing the power of Core Energy Coaching™, I learned to connect with my own Higher coach, through uncovering my own personal blueprint for navigating the highs and the lows on my entrepreneurial journey.

As a high-achiever, I’ve had my share of success, dejection, stagnancy + unexpected detours. Contrast is key: my hardest lessons have given perspective to my greatest triumphs. I’ve learned to let go of outcome, embracing each moment for what it can teach me.

There is always more of myself to bring forward, and I delve deep everyday to get a better understanding of myself. I’m an evolving puzzle; there are more parts to unleash. That’s where I find new inspiration. That’s where Higher Playbook came from: within.

Inspiration is within each one of us to unlock. We are all free agents: independent thinkers, here to learn, grow, and share for the betterment of the world at large. And sometimes that means: rebelling against what we are told is the “right way.”

Higher Playbook resonates with high-achievers, top-performers, game-changers and thought leaders who see opportunities outside the confines: where anything is possible.

Playing Purposefully requires intentionally, dedicated focus, and flexibility to outcome. People who leverage this way of strategic thinking have an innate power, passion for a cause, and a deep desire for more.

You have the potential to lead your life with higher consciousness, to experience a higher sense of fulfillment, your higher purpose.

I look forward to driving forward together, supporting one another in the pursuit of our higher purpose, play-by-play on the road less traveled... 

Purposefully, Julia