Meet Julia

I am no stranger.

I I am you: on a quest to become my best self, to live my best life in connection to the greater good.

We look for answers to the same questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? How am I getting there? 

Personal development is a cornerstone of my life. I want to learn, to grow, to share for the betterment of those I meet and the world at large. I’m curious, studious, expressive… and I invest my days seeking new connections- mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, energetically- through each relationship.

In my own journey, I’ve come to value moments of pause— deep and honest reflection.

I recognize the value in reflecting with purpose. I’ve had my share of failure, rejection + unexpected detours. I’ve learned to let go of outcome and always look for the lessons in every experience, embracing each moment for its shine and shadow.

Life’s hardest lessons give perspective to its greatest triumphs, and empowering others is my motivation to persevere through the roadblocks that cross my path. There is always more of myself to bring forward, and I’m always delving deep to discover new parts of myself. That’s where I find new inspiration. 

Inspiration is within each one of us to unlock.

I’m constantly iterating my goals to reach a higher potential; and thus, I’ve created Higher Playbook to guide us to our highest sense of fulfillment: the manifestation of our purpose.

Higher Playbook is a coaching paradigm that resonates with game-changers and high-impact thought leaders. 

Playing Purposefully requires intentionally, dedicated focus, and flexibility to outcome. The people who leverage this way of strategic thinking are those with innate power, passion for a cause, and existing platforms to drive their purpose.

I look forward to driving forward together, supporting one another in the pursuit of our higher purpose, play-by-play on the road less traveled... 

Purposefully, Julia