“Before partnering with Higher Playbook, I was struggling with feeling unworthy in some areas of my life. I was also fearful of making changes I knew would benefit me. Since Julia has always been an inspirational force for me,  I was excited to explore beneath the surface to see what was preventing me from moving forward in life. I felt comfortable opening up to her, and once I started coaching sessions, I knew I had made the right decision.

Each experience has truly been a gift. I go into each session with an obstacle, and by the end, I feel a lot of direction, discerning how to move past the challenge. I am amazed to see how fast my perspective changed by just acknowledging my thoughts and how they were impacting my success. Julia coached me on word choice and how that was impacting my internal thoughts. I‘ve learned to love and accept myself better, to question fear and move past it. I’ve learned to explore past experiences and recognize their worth instead of viewing them in a negative light. I have discovered my higher power and allowed it to guide me in making great choices for my future.

I would absolutely recommend Higher Playbook to others and can't believe how much my life has changed in a short period of time. I am starting a coaching certification program; I am writing a book. I am utilizing my new skills in my current job. I am practicing the skills I learned to help my children grow. Best of all, I have made peace with my past, let go of the shame attached to my story, and I'm ready to let it empower me.”

- Holly, 47, Florida

“Where do I begin? I started off having one-on-one coaching sessions with Julia. The coaching sessions truly helped me understand energy leadership, how to move forward with insecurities and overall just help me move from a blocked mentality. Then I decided to take part in 28 Days of Play, and let me tell you: she did not disappoint! Being surrounded by inspiring and like-minded people motivated me to truly focus. Julia will give you insight and tools on how to move through your personal blocks. Julia will help you find your natural flow to achieve those goals you've been dying to get to. Julia gives you direction and clarity, and she's a true inspiration that I'm grateful for."

- Stephanie, 27, Canada

“I was going through a major job transition and internal transformation surrounding what I desire for my life long-term. Julia has been a long-time friend and ally, so when I found out about the 28 Days of Play program and what Julia would be covering, I knew I had to join. It was a full-bodied YES for me and it came at a really pivotal point in my life. I knew I needed the tools to stay grounded and focused during major changes happening and that the Higher Playbook would provide that for me.

And… it was incredible! The value that came from those sessions was so potent. I loved being part of a team and learning from what others were experiencing, but also being able to share my own internal transformation in real time. What I got out of the sessions were concrete ways to work towards the things I want in my life. I gained clarity on what my highest values in life are. I also learned how I show up on an energetic level and how to shift my energy into a more productive state that is aligned with my desires and goals. It's such a great course for anyone, no matter where you are in life, but especially those who are looking to play big and make big moves in their life!”

-Misty, 34, Arizona

“I had lots of uncertainty and a little anxiety. I was juggling multiple interview processes. I wanted a greater sense of focus and to strengthen my knowledge of energy leadership. Moving into the experience, it felt very inviting and professional. I appreciated having a space to express and put things into perspective. I gained more introspection on myself and meaningful leadership tactics. I was also able to separate some feelings I had been having trouble identifying. It meant a lot to have a safe space.

- Robin, 29, Washington DC

“I was in a major transition mode - my life was full of chaos and stress. I had a desire for more order and intention in my life. When we started, the sessions were Incredible; They were healing, focusing, empowering, inspiring. I gained direction, increased my self awareness, and strengthened my belief in myself. The peace, love, inspiration, support and guidance Julia provided was a gift from the universe. I am so grateful.”

- Michelle, 31, Mexico City